BangkokHaps welcomes Grammy Award winning musician Jakob Dinesen back to the City of Angels

If Danish jazz has one genuine playboy, it must be 46-year old Jakob Dinesen – with a thick line under play. He and his sax and his good looks have romped around most of the world: Europe, Africa, Cuba, Thailand, USA, Japan and Australia. He has received just about every award a Danish musician can get – Grammys and soloist awards. When he saunters on stage, there are always a few moments of total concentration;  then a crisp, searching sound emerges from the bell of his sax before starting up. Perhaps jumping straight into an improvisation, perhaps a loyal interpretation of whatever tune is on the agenda.

Jakob with the Sunny Ratana trio

I listened to this wonderful saxophonist play at Whisgars last Thursday and again at the Saxophone Pub and Restaurant. I haven’t been to Saxophone for a while but have always loved the place for its variety of musical talents and genres. I went there to hear my friends Nat Buntita and the Sunny Ratana trio. Jakob brought his horn along. Needless to say, it was a fantastic night. For those of you who missed it, I’ll be posting some videos on BangkokHaps’ YouTube Channel. 

All smiles for the holiday season

Jakob is in town for the next couple of months, available for gigs all over Bangkok. Jazz lovers, this is a great opportunity to book him for that special event you’re planning. Check out his website for more information!



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